A Practical Way To Apply Gamification In The Classroom


As a teacher in a public school in Thailand (English Program), I have read a lot about gamification. I haven’t noticed it before, but it is being used in our daily life in all sorts of ways. After a lot of reading, I tried to implement gamification in my classes. I would like to share with you this experience of applying gamification in the classroom; a very practical approach which costs nothing and the results are priceless.

Students today are digital natives; not like their digital immigrant teachers. On the plus side, this means that students interact with technology much better. On the down side, it means that they have very short spans of attention. This makes traditional teaching methods lacking the motivation incentive students may need to be motivated to learn.

As a science teacher, I have noticed that students lose their attention very quickly or seem to have no motivation to learn the curriculum's topics: That’s even before the mental challenges required by the science subject. After a lot of reading about young students’ habits and motivational methods, I have come across a new trend which kicked up all around the world into many fields such as business, industry, and marketing. Lately it has entered the education field and shows positive results.