Awesome Island

Awesome Island
By: Brian Page
Date: 2010
Audience: Grades 6 - adult
Focus: Personal finance
Play Awesome Island Here

Unlike many of the games we have reviewed, Awesome Island is not an on-line game that you can immediately access for quick use. This game requires ordering and a wiliness to invest in the product. Put in a different way.. It is not free!! The complete packet with all the tools curtly retails at $100.00. One special feature found for free on the site is an electronic “Flash Card” system of terms that are key knowledge builders in Money Management.

The game categorized as an adventure with competition has a play time of approximately 2 hours and requires significant instructor preparation and involvement. While that is a little scary, the game product is designed to introduce all of The Jumpstart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy ( standards (Career and Income/Investing/Debt and Credit/Insurance/Philanthropy).