Bite Club

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Bite Club 

By: Doorways to Dream Fund

Date: 2011

Audience: Teenagers

Focus: Debt Management

Play Bite Club Here

Bite Club is a moderately easy game to play that would fit into a short classroom “purposeful” break time activity. The content is based on three key areas:
A. Pay off debt as quickly as possible
B. Keep cash working
C. Save Big piles of cash for retirement.

The opening trailer is entertaining and would appeal to Tweens. With its vampire theme it captures today’s tween audience’s fascination with the bloody side of society. Players are challenged with creating cash by satisfying the wishes of the vampire patrons of The Bite Club by matching the patron’s commands with the available position choices in the “club”: seating, bar, conversation pit and dance floor. This is initially fun but after a while become very repetitive. The game emphasize well the need to use cash for debt reduction quickly and smartly based on rates of interest being paid to service the debt. That’s a great thing to understand.