The Banking Kids Series

The Banking Kids Series

By: DGM Graphics, Inc.

Date: 2003

Audience: Elementary Grades

Focus: Budget Management

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The series falls into the category of Interactive Forms. There are several puzzles /interactive machine/and banking forms used to make a child familiar with the banking process.
• Crossword
• Budget
• Jigsaw
• Puzzle
Actually done quite well. Many individuals have never had the physical experience of actually filling out forms needed to make deposits, withdraw cash or transact basic banking business; great idea. We found the realism of actually “ picking up cash and depositing it into the bank and inserting you ATM card into the ATM machine very life like and intriguing. The series is divided for skill levels (Preschool, Elementary and Teens) and builds skills in using bank transaction forms and instruments. Minimally using this series should build familiarity with “basic” banking transaction and processes.