Are Video Games the Future of Education?

wii classroom.jpg

Game developers all over the country are working to align some educational games to Common Core State Standards, while educators and video game makers are seeing benefits in using games in a classroom context, despite concerns from administrators. This could be the golden age of educational video games.

“You’re going to see teachers and students build games together,” said EdTech insider Garrett Fuller at New York’s 10th Annual Comic-Con.

Fuller, a former teacher, is a journalist, and game developer within software configuration management, at TenTonHammer and respectively. He lead off the panel Games and Education, a professional development session for educators, at this year’s New York Comic-Con. 

The panel, also featuring presenters Sue Parler, Justin DeVoe, and Beverly Decker, brought teachers and video game designers together to show how next-generation technology is being adapted in classrooms as it educates K-12 learners, and helps students in their college careers as well. 

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