The Gamification Guide For Teachers


How To Use Gamification In Education

Games get you going. They make you laugh and get you excited. They make you moan when you lose and cheer when you win. They can be played one against the other, group against group, human against computer, or all by your self. In addition, they inspire competition and grab attention. Games are fun and who doesn’t want to have fun while learning?

What Is Gamification?

Put simply, Gamification is the use of gaming principles in the field of education in order to get students involved, engaged, and excited about learning. Gamification introduces concepts like badges, levels, achievements, and game points to the classroom. Students are rewarded with these concepts when they succeed, but are not penalized when they don’t. By introducing a system of rewards without harsh penalties, students are not afraid to step outside of their comfort zone and fail. By removing their fear of failure we subconsciously encourage them to learn.

Gamification adds fun to the classroom by using what comes natural to humans – social play. Here are 6 ways to gamify your classroom.

6 Ways Gamify Your Classroom