How to Integration Gamification in the Classroom (part 2/4)


Need a reminder of part 1 of 4 of the gamification mini-series?

In part two of this gamification of learning blog mini-series we’ll look at two methods for integrating game elements into your lessons, and then discuss how you can scaffold the learning content within your game to ensure that learners are challenged at the optimal level for them to make progress.

Content vs Structural Gamification

The techniques for gamifying the learning environment can be broken down into two approaches, content and structural gamification. Content gamification refers to when elements of gamification are built into the content itself. This can be done by interweaving elements such as story, challenge, curiosity, mystery and character into the learning content. An example of this could be adding the element of story and mystery to a maths problem as students have to navigate their way through a fantasy world solving equations to move onto the next section, uncovering a small part of a ‘master’ equation for each smaller problem they solve. It’s not necessary to turn an entire lesson into one large complex game. Instead it can suffice to add elements of the gaming experience to the content that needs to be learnt in order to increase the intrigue and engagement of the learners and, critically, to support the learning objectives.

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