6 Key Teamwork Personality Traits Infographic

Many things in life work better when you have other people alongside you. Think about it, whether it’s a game of football, a night out on the town or doing the washing up, you can get things done quicker, more effectively and have a lot more fun along the way if you’re working in a group or team.

A strong team needs good team players who are all committed to working hard together to reach a shared goal. This is why employers place such value on team working abilities when recruiting, every team member is a vital cog in the company machine!

Some people take to teamwork like a duck to water, whereas others find it a little harder. The good news is, whether you’re a natural team player or not, your ability to work with other people is a skill that can be developed and improved.

So, what makes a good team player? Here are some excellent traits to bear in mind whenever you’re working in a team. (Continue Reading)