Financial Literacy Education in Schools by: Devin Shandler


Here is a bold yet true statement – of any subjects taught in school a financial literacy education is the subject that is most needed. All the other subjects taught will help you get paid more but only one helps you keep and grow the money you earn. Many people today that have earned their MBA’s, PhD’s and other advanced degrees are often times living paycheck to paycheck. Without a financial literacy education, people can work multiple jobs and still be unable to reach a state of financial security.Arguably, the subject we need taught the most, getting the least amount of attention. For those that believe education works, shouldn’t we be providing financial literacy education training to our youth? Money is something that impacts almost every area of our lives, and yet it is rarely taught to our children.

Educators, school administrators, parent, concerned citizens, business leaders and the youth themselves recognize the importance of learning about money. Studies show the vast majority of people feel that financial literacy education should be a requirement needed for high school students to graduate. The knowledge will serve our youth for many years to come and directly impact their relationships, emotions and health.

If you are like most, you understand the importance of providing youth a financial literacy education; now, let’s explore the steps you can take to choose effective financial literacy lesson plans.

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