How Our Minds Work Infographic

Our mind works in different ways and in various different theories. Everything that happens around is governed by minds. It happens because of perception, judgment and thoughts in a particular context. Even simple decisions are made by different and simultaneous mechanisms of the mind.

The Human mind is basically said to have three “sub” minds – the conscious mind, the sub-conscious mind (also called the ego) and the unconscious mind. These three minds work together to create what one perceives as reality. The conscious mind works in a particular way that make people associate with you, because that’s the mind that works in full consciousness. It is not that this part of our mind is dis-connected with our inner self; the fully conscious part of our mind does communicate externally as well as internally. The subs-conscious mind although has in store recent events and constantly communicates with the un-conscious mind. Finally, the un-conscious mind has in store all the memories from the past. This mind also has in store memories that the conscious or the sub-conscious mind does not remember. Such things may have been impactful at the time it happened.

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