Don’t you just hate acronyms sometimes?  But you’ll just LOVE this one.  While this one sounds big, what they represent is really big in both name length, reputation AND value.

NEFE = the National Endowment for Financial Education, found at

HSFPP = the NEFE High School Financial Planning Program, found at

Now doesn’t  NEFE HSFPP seam easier by comparison?  Okay, maybe only when you have to type it out…

Both of these sites offer valuable consumer financial education resources.

NEFE provides resources for financial educators, adults, parents and kids of all ages. Resources include articles, research, evaluations on public policy, activities, links to other useful websites.  And it’s ALL FREE! We love free!

The NEFE HSFP is focused on high school educators and students.  They offer a complete FREE program that high schools can offer to their students.  

COMPLETE  means: Detailed step by step training guides for the educator, materials for the students, letters to send to parents explaining the program and how they can help, certificates of completion, and a dedicated website with portals for educators, students and parents.  All materials are available in hard and soft copy.  Students can download copies of materials if they lose their books or forget to bring them home.  But wait, there’s more: the NEFE HSFPP provides free annual training to educators at regional conferences, AND they arrange for regional support in case educators have questions.  

And did I say that all of these is FREE? Here’s a statement from their website:

“How much will the new program materials cost?

Nothing. NEFE provides the print materials, shipping, and web downloads at no cost to nonprofit organizations solely for instructional and education purposes…”


Oooh! Another thing!  The NEFE HSFP ensures that the program remains relevant to students by asking a third party to conduct period evaluations of educators and students, and then updates their materials and website based on this information. AND anyone can read the findings from the research.

Okay, so you can see that we’re a fan of the NEFE HSFP.  If you’ve used the materials as an educator, student or parent, PLEASE tell us about your experiences!