Educational Games: What Makes Them Work?

Tina Barseghian at Mindshift posted three videos in her August 9 blog post What Makes Educational Games Work?. These videos are snippets of Constance Steinkuehler, Senior Policy Analyst at the Office of Science and Technology in the Executive Office of the President, at the 2012 Aspen Ideas Festival discussing the roles of educational games and what makes them work.

The three videos talk about:

  • Intelligence is valued in games
  • (how games inspire knowledge acquisition while education practices do not)
  • Games in education
  • (will distance learning course designers use gamification to improve the learning experience?)
  • Games and Edutainment
  • (trying to move from chocolate covered broccoli to real educative engagement)

They’re not log videos and definitely worth your time to watch.

And as always, we’d love to hear on our blog what you think about Constance’s ideas.