Jelly Beans...

…. are not just an Easter treat!

Michael DeHart received a much appreciated and well deserved bag of beans when he won the first annual Jelly Bean Angel Fund Innovation Award through Project SEE. Project SEE, was a seven day intensive entrepreneurship program for high school students offered by the SSIC — South Side Innovation Center, located in Syracuse, NY. 

The SSIC, a business incubator, is a project of The Whitman School of Business at Syracuse University that provides services and training for budding entrepreneurs.

World of Cheddar founder, Vicki Brackens has been adding a lot of jelly beans to a fund she established at the CNY Community Foundation called the Jelly Bean Angel Fund. The fund aims ” to catalyze the development of innovative ideas through the partnership of entrepreneurs and academic institutions.”

Money. Moolah. Jelly Beans. Cheddar. No matter what you call it, it’s vital to support innovation and entrepreneurship.  And World of Cheddar founder Vicki Brackens is committed to using it to support community-driven enterprising ideas.