A Nutrition Game

In an earlier post, we asked if games could be transformative.  Here’s a game that looks like it could transform how children think about nutrition: Fitter Critters.

You can read about the game here: http://appsforhealthykids.com/submissions/6134-fitter-critters

You  can play the game here: www.fittercritters.com

Okay, so it’s not a financial literacy game, but it is worth taking a look at for it’s transformative potential.

The game is fun to play.  I played only a few levels to get the gist of the game.  My guy’s name is K A Tribblekip — the player can choose its name.  Tribblekip is given three challenges per level which can include eating & shopping — two of my favorite activities — exercise, and a way to earn some money. All of the foods in the game have nutrition labels.  Tribblekip’s shopping and eating challenges require that he read the nutrition labels in order to successfully complete them.  I can see over time how these activities could teach children both how to read nutrition labels and to think about reading nutrition labels in the store or when deciding what to eat.  It also teaches them about healthy food alternatives, and over time could possibly get them to select healthier foods outside of the game.

So, here’s a game that I think has great transformative potential.

Go play the game an let us know what you think