Bricks and Bucks

Bricks & Bucks 

By: University of California Cooperative Extension

Date: 2008

Audience: Teenagers

Focus: Money Management

Play Bricks & Bucks Here

This text based game and its family of games recognize that the audience may be “bi lingual”. Big congratulations to the developer on its inclusiveness. This Particular game Bricks and Bucks allows for one player challenge though “Beating the Clock” Or Multi Player Challenge “Competition- Top Score”. The format is set up like Jeopardy in format and appearance, thus it should be very comfortable and familiar to players and educators/facilitators. If the single player is not able to complete all the questions in the specified time, they can replay the game. In replaying the game new questions are presented in the categories. Fantastic... this new challenge increases the players desire to master the game. We reviewed in detail the Bricks and Bucks but the series presented by the developer ( has a full menu of short classroom activity selections that may be of interest to you. One in particular that was interesting was “Values Games”.